What is Move My Way?

Move My Way gives you confidence and the opportunity to learn basic movements to improve your wellbeing. Choose to learn the activities in your own home, in your own time, with the short instructional videos or attend an in club program for tailored support in a social and fun environment.

How to Move My Way 

Choose the way you move with Move My Way! Be guided through the flexible online series or attend a fun group program, or do both!

Online Program

The videos on this website explain how to start and progress an activity. If you are learning for the first time or practicing what you learnt in the group program; the online program will give you the freedom to progress at your own pace and in your own time. Move My Way online allows you to track your progress and practice the right technique in a fun and flexible way. Use the videos, engage with the online community and then take your new movement confidence and start living an active lifestyle, including going to your nearest club where you will get more hands-on, tailored support in a social and fun environment.

To begin follow these simple steps:
1. Click on Give it a Go
2. Create your profile
3. Click on My Dashboard
4. Click on The Warm Up and get active! It’s that easy

Each video provides a couple of exercise progressions so people of any fitness level or those with a previous injury can get involved. You are not expected to achieve every progression straight away. Keep working on it just a couple of minutes every day. Each time you successfully achieve a progression click a star. When you achieve all the stars move on to the next video.

Club Program

The Move My Way in club program provides a social and fun way to get a bit more active. Guided by a qualified instructor progress at your own pace to achieve your goals. You can enhance your experience through the online community support that includes explanations and reminders of what you learnt in class. The club program compliments the online program and offers the opportunity to have fun and achieve your goals with your friends in a structured class.

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