Gymnast rules;

1. Please ‘Sign In’ as you enter the gym. Get your mum / dad / carer to assist you if required
2. Dress appropriately for gym. No denim, skirts, dresses, tights, socks or jewellery. Hair tied back. 
3. All Groups – (except Blue) are required to wear Palmer’s Gym uniform. Please see Office staff to purchase any item of the uniform. Minimum uniform requirement is the Club T-shirt ($30) and navy or black shorts, leggings or tracksuit pants. 
4.Girls can wear a leotard (optional design) and black bike shorts or leggings.
5. Listen to your coach at all times. Follow your coaches’ instructions.
6. If you need to go to the toilet or get a drink during your session, you must FIRST ask your coach. Coaches need to know where you are AT ALL TIMES. 
6. No student is allowed to leave the gym premises until a parent / carer collects you from the foyer
7. Do not leave valuables in the Change Room. 
8. Leave valuables (phones/ipods etc) in the Office where they will be supervised or locked in the cupboard at all times
9. All injuries MUST be reported to the Head Coach so you can be attended to and an Incident / Accident Report can be filed.
10. EpiPen / Asthma Ventilators / Other Medication – MUST be supplied by you.

Parent rules;

1. Parents are required to drop their child off into the foyer of Palmer’s Gym
2. Please assist your child/ren to ‘Sign In’ to appropriate class folder in foyer prior to their class
3. Term fees are to be finalised on your child’s SECOND visit for the term. Please check Enrolment Term and Conditions as a Late Fee now applies.
4. Trialling a class at Palmer's Gym? Please see our friendly Office Staff BEFORE the commencement of your child’s class.
5. Anaphalaxis / Asthma Management Action Plans MUST BE supplied PRIOR to your child participating in a Palmer’s Gym session. If the appropriate ‘Action Plan’ is NOT supplied, the parent / carer is required to stay for their child’s session. 
** EpiPen / Asthma Ventilators / Other Medication – MUST be supplied by you.
6. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for gym – NO skirts, dresses, denim, tights or socks to be worn. No jewellery. Hair tied back. All groups (except Blue) are required to wear the Palmer’s Gym Uniform. Minimum uniform requirement is the Club T-shirt ($30) and black shorts or leggings.
7. If you choose to view your child’s session, please be seated QUIETLY in the designated viewing area upstairs. Minimal distractions = maximal learning. 

8. Strictly no coaching from the viewing area!

9. Parents are not to enter the training/gym area unless invited by the Head Coach

10. If you have a baby/toddler in the Viewing Area, please ensure that they are quiet / seated too. Again; minimal distractions from the viewing area = maximum student learning and participation!
11. Children are to be collected from the foyer of Palmer’s Gym at the conclusion of your child’s session. No child is to wait outside!


Palmer's Gym has an inclusion and anti-discrimination policy;

Palmer's Gym will strive to actively identify and eliminate unlawful direct, indirect, and systematic discrimination from its structures and practices and will ensure that people with disabilities and other exclusive factors are given optimal opportunity to participate in all aspects of gymnastics.