About Tumble Tots

Educational research tells us that children learn best by exploring and discovering their abilities through physical activity and play.

  • Tumble Tots offers a fun and educational ‘Movement Program’ for crawlers up to 5 year olds in Bendigo, Moama and Cohuna.
  • Tumble Tots strives to enable all children to experience endless movement opportunities and be encouraged to think, play, create, construct and solve problems with their own bodies and in turn build their coordination and confidence.
  • Tumble Tots promotes the active participation of the child's mother, father or carer.
  • Tumble Tots play sessions and structured classes run during school terms ONLY.
  • Tumble Tot session cards (10 play sessions) are available to purchase to SAVE you money!

Activities involved in Tumble Tots

Crawling, walking, jumping & landing safely, hopping, running, skipping, balancing, building with foam blocks, juggling, throwing and catching, coordination challenges, stretching, log rolling, swinging, sliding, rolling forwards and backwards, handstands, cartwheels (with the older children) throwing and catching beanbags/balls/hula hoops, shooting for goals – netball, basketball and soccer, jumping on mini trampolines / double mini trampolines and air tracks (inflatable trampolines) general fitness exercises for children, scarf juggling, spinning plates, diabolos, unicycle, dancing, singing along to the music, hand held equipment       

About Emma; Founder of Tumble Tots 

From a very young age, Emma has been turning cartwheels in her parent's lounge room, standing on her head in the kitchen and driving her parents crazy! From the age of four until she retired at the ripe old age of 22, Emma was involved in gymnastics, tumbling and sports acrobatics as a competitor, coach and a judge. She represented Bendigo, Victoria and even Australia from the age of 11!

At 23, her teaching career took her away to a classroom in a little country town, just north of Bendigo. Her plan was to get a little teaching experience and then move back to Bendigo BUT then Emma met the school bus driver! Emma stayed away from the gym setting for a number of years until she convinced her husband (the school bus driver!) to return to Bendigo with their own little tribe of kids!

Emma was looking for an activity for her daughter, Amelia to be involved in.................she looked no further than her own doorstep and the gym that her dad, Amelia's 'Poppy John' had directed for the past 34 years! 'Poppy John's' program had only ever offered 'Movement Education' for school age children and Emma knew this wonderful program should be available to the toddlers of Bendigo! Hence, the beginning of Tumble Tots back in March, 2010.

Emma's passion is to encourage everyBODY to explore, think, discover, create, construct, play, bounce, giggle, roll, dance and have fun all whilst their parents are alongside them!

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